About Promotion

The College of Medicine – Tucson provides assistance and resources related to the promotion and tenure practices of the College of Medicine and the University of Arizona.  Information regarding other types of faculty actions, including annual/post-tenure review of faculty, emeritus status requests, sabbatical leave requests, clock stop requests, mid-cycle reviews and transfer between tracks and title series is also available.

The resources listed on the side menu will help faculty develop productive, rewarding career paths and achieve their academic goals. 

2022/2023 Promotion Deadlines

Tenure Track
Clinical Series & Clinical Scholar Tracks (1st Cycle)
Clinical Series & Clinical Scholar Tracks (2nd Cycle)
Educator & Research Tracks

COM-Tucson P&T Department Coordinators

Department Main P&T Coordinators Phone Email
Anesthesiology Lauren Chuc 626-9700 ltgallandt@anesth.arizona.edu
Cellular & Molecular Medicine Sasha Verdugo 626-3184 sasha@email.arizona.edu
Chemistry & Biochemistry Lisa Arrotta 621-5672 lisaarrotta@email.arizona.edu
Emergency Medicine Chrystal Crockett (Dossiers) 621-4491 chrystal@arizona.edu
  Paulette Pierce (Dossiers) 626-3822 paulette@aemrc.arizona.edu
  Tim Ferguson (Initial Appts) 626-9436 tferguson@aemrc.arizona.edu
Family & Community Medicine Heather Liber 626-3939 hrsim@arizona.edu
Immunobiology Tonya Fotheringham 626-6905 tonyah@email.arizona.edu
Medical Imaging Maria Telles 626-7793 telles@radiology.arizona.edu
Medicine Terri Buchanan 626-4168 terrib@deptofmed.arizona.edu
Neurology Denise Brodigan 626-2006 denisebrodigan@email.arizona.edu
Neurosurgery Tracie Blades 626-3511 tblades@oto.arizona.edu
OB/GYN Nicole Roldan 626-6591 nroldan@obgyn.arizona.edu
Ophthalmology Pat Broyles 626-0044 pbroyles@eyes.arizona.edu
Orthopaedic Surgery Kelly McComiskey 626-6607 khillier@email.arizona.edu
Otolaryngology Tracie Blades  626-3511 tblades@oto.arizona.edu
Pathology Lori Wieland 626-6097 lwieland@email.arizona.edu
Pediatrics Paula Rosemond 626-2182 prosemond@email.arizona.edu
Pharmacology Amy Tary 626-4212 atary@email.arizona.edu
Physiology Stephanie Ortiz 626-7642 Steph7@arizona.edu
Psychiatry Jessica Bodzioch 874-2123 bodzioch@email.arizona.edu
Radiation/Oncology Angie Brady 694-0958 angiebrady@arizona.edu
Surgery Michaela Todd 626-2487 mrt@email.arizona.edu
Urology Susan Fabian 626-5197 sfabian@email.arizona.edu