About Reviews

All faculty must be formally evaluated on their performance once every twelve months to ensure accountability to the University community and the citizens of Arizona. Each annual review shall include one calender year of the individual faculty member's performance, with substantial emphasis on the current year for evaluation of teaching. The unit head's written evaluation shall be shared with the faculty member involved no later than April 30. The faculty member may add written comments to the evaluation before signing it. The signed evaluation shall become a part of the faculty member's departmental records. Faculty Portfolio is the University of Arizona’s online system for faculty annual reviews.

For Tenure Track faculty, a mid-cycle/retention review occurs during the third year and serves as a dress rehearsal for the sixth-year, mandatory promotion and tenure review. Dates for these reviews are outlined in your offer letter at the time of hiring or transferring to the tenure track. 

Administrators receive annual reviews from their supervisors, as well as a comprehensive review every five years, which is designed for stakeholders to assess strategic goals and objectives of a department head, director, dean, vice president, or other administrator.

As part of an Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) requirement, during the post-tenure review process, the dean of each college and his appointed committee review a sufficient number of tenured faculty in order to ensure that over a maximum of five years all tenured faculty are reviewed.