Promotions & Reviews

The University Handbook for Appointed Personnel (UHAP) provides policies for personnel procedures. Promotion procedures for tenure and career-track faculty (nontenure-eligible) are covered by Chapter 3.3 in UHAP and policy about annual reviews are covered by Chapter 3.2.

Promotion policies and procedures are thoughtfully supervised under the direction of the Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs. Faculty are expected to demonstrate a promise of excellent performance in teaching, service, and research, as it applies to the specific track/path  the faculty member is associated with.  Promotion and tenure guidelines for the College of Medicine – Tucson, were developed by the faculty members, along with the head in each department, and approved by and filed with the COM-T Dean and the Provost. Additional examples of how to meet promotion criteria for the Clinical Scholar track and Clinical Series track were created by a faculty taskforce to support people considering promotion. 

During your annual review, your teaching, research, service, and professional performance will be reviewed by a peer committee who makes a recommendation to your head, who then makes the final assessment.  Your head will meet with you to discuss your work and your progress. The annual review process will provide you with feedback on your progress toward promotion, and you will also be able to get feedback on the documentation